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Announcement: EVE Tech Asia  2023  has been cancelled. 
We will announce the new schedule soon and apologize
 for any inconvenience caused by the cancellation. 


How to Attend

You are only one step away from mastering e-mobility!

1. Click here for the registration form

2. Submit the form and receive a confirmation email

3. Save the date and get ready to champion e-mobility

Attendee Profile

  • Academy

  • Contractors

  • Consultants

  • CTO / Technical Lead / Directors

  • Design and System Engineers

  • Engineering Consultancy

  • Engineering Managers

  • Government

  • Investors (AC, VC, CVC)

  • Property Management

  • Property Developers

  • OEM Manufacturers

  • Maintenance Managers

  • Managers Mechanical Service

  • Manufacturing Managers

  • Operations Managers

  • Owners

  • Policymakers

  • Procurement Managers

  • Production and Technical Managers

  • Purchasing Managers

  • Delivery Fleet Companies

  • EV Car Manufacturers

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