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EVE Tech Asia proudly welcomes Seoul Mobility Show to Singapore this November

March 30 - April 9, EVE Tech Asia proudly partnered with the Seoul Mobility Show to meet industry players and consumers committed to sustainable transportation. We are beyond thrilled to welcome the Seoul Mobility Show at EVE Tech Asia 2023 in Singapore this November!

March 30 - April 1, EVE Tech Asia had an exciting time at the Seoul Mobility Show to connect with over 510, 000 visitors and over 163 business entities and institutions from 12 countries. EVE Tech Asia was impressed at how Seoul Mobility has advanced electric vehicles into one mobility industry that embraced robotic and air mobility. As EVE Tech Asia also shares the same vision, we are pleased to have Seoul Mobility at our show in Singapore this November.

Hyundai Motor Group, the exhibitor with 2,600 m2 at Seoul Mobility Show offers immersive experiences to visitors with e-mobility drive test and robotic showcase. Seoul Mobility 2023 was joined by other players like Tesla, SOS Lab, WeMet Mobility, Bestella Lab and many more to showcase the latest technology advancement in the Mobility field.

Advancing the E- Mobility Space in Southeast Asia: “Inclusive E-Mobility” and for Land, Sea and Air with Infotainment. 

With the same initiatives as Seoul Mobility Show, EVE Tech Asia 2023 aims to take the exhibition experience up another notch to tailor for the Southeast Asian market. At EVE Tech Asia 2023, there are special-design zones for 2-wheelers and 3-wheelers, they are motorbikes widely used in day-to-day transportation in SEA. Against this backdrop, EVE Tech Asia re-define e-mobility with inclusiveness, this broadened the picture to target all Land, Sea and Air transport. 

Delving deeper into inclusive e-mobility, EVE Tech Asia emphasizes on the upcoming trend of e-mobility, car infotainment system. Along with the exploration of Robotics and AI for e-mobility, in-car entertainment is increasingly being explored to elevate the driver’s experience. The essential message to visitors is that every minute spent in your vehicle should be more joyful. 

EVE Tech Asia 2023 Theme: “EV Technology for Everyone and Every Day” 

From infotainment to 2-wheelers/ 3-wheelers to battery and inclusive e-mobility, EVE Tech Asia 2023 constructs the theme of “EV Technology for Everyone and Every Day”. EVE Tech Asia is a first tech-oriented event that aims to empower and transform the EV & ET industry in Southeast Asia. EVE Tech Asia 2023 will bring the most passionate EV companies to transform your transportation, whether it is at your workplace, research lab and playground. Our B2B space is a never-ending tech play-ground for exhibitors to be limitless.

Once again, EVE Tech Asia thanks Seoul Mobility for the amazing hospitality and partnership. We look forward to more success working with Seoul Mobility Show in Singapore this November! 

About EVE Tech Asia

EVE Tech Asia is a leading premier B2B show that brings together industry leaders, professionals, and innovative enterprises from across Southeast Asia and around the world to showcase the latest advancements in technology. The event features keynote speeches, technology conferences, exhibits, and networking opportunities. EVE Tech Asia is organized by ESG Tech Events in Singapore.

EVE Tech Asia 2023 is now recruiting exhibitors for EVE Tech Asia 2023 and companies interested can apply to our website []. Early exhibitors will enjoy additional exposure including speaking slots to showcase their latest technologies advancement and products to buyers. 

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