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EVE Tech Asia 2023 kickstarts plan of bringing Chinese players to Singapore

On May 16 - 18, EVE Tech Asia Exhibition & Conference visited the China International Battery Show in Shenzhen to witness the latest technology advancement in the battery and environmental technology industry in China.

EVE Tech Asia 2023 kickstarts plan of bringing Chinese players to Singapore

Shenzhen, China - EVE Tech Asia 2023 attended the successful China International Battery Fair where it had the opportunity to meet and connect with over 2,500 exhibitors and Mr.Liu Yanlong, the Business Director (Former Secretary General) of China Industrial Association of Power Sources, the organizer of CIBF.  This visit marks the beginning of EVE Tec Asia’s plan to bring Chinese players and media partners to explore the Southeast Asian (SEA) market. During the discussions, the Chinese companies and Mr.Liu expressed their enthusiasm for the idea of exploring new markets.

Steven Seet, Chairman, and Co-founder of ESG Tech Events, the organizer for EVE Tech Asia 2023, stated,

"We have full confidence that EVE Tech Asia 2023 is the ideal partner to assist the Chinese companies in entering the ambitious Southeast Asian (SEA)  market. Singapore, being located at the heart of Southeast Asia and widely recognized as the financial hub of the region, serves as the perfect starting point. This positioning makes EVE Tech Asia 2023 the ideal one-stop event for overseas companies to connect with SEA buyers from Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia.

EVE Tech Asia arrived at the 15th China International Battery Fair in Shenzhen

Welcome EV, ET and Battery company overseas to Singapore: The Land of Lions

Along with the geographic advantage, Singapore is strongly committed to achieving “net zero emission by 2050” as outlined in the country’s Long-Term Low-Emissions Development Strategy (LEDS). In 2022, the Singapore government actively encourages international collaborations, environmental renewable energy importation and strongly boosts electric vehicles up-take. Notably, incentives for EVs are as high as $45,000 and there has been a significant increase in charging infrastructure across the nation.

Ms. Ashley Zhu, Marketing Manager at EVE Tech Asia 2023 discussing with Chinese exhibitors

Upon briefing the information to Chinese exhibitors, EVE Tech Asia is thrilled to witness their enthusiasm and interest in exporting to and exploring the Southeast Asia market. The exhibitors' plans align with EVE Tech Asia's goal of establishing SEA as the forefront of sustainable development in the near future. This shared vision further strengthens the potential for collaboration and mutual growth between EVE Tech Asia and the Chinese exhibitors.

EVE Tech Asia 2023 is supported by the wide industry

Joanne Lee, Co-founder of ESG Tech Events, expressed her excitement, stating, 

"We are thrilled to have the support from APARA, Atis, Smart Cities Network, Singapore Consortium and Singapore Tourism Board. These valuable partnerships will assist overseas companies in navigating and adapting to the Singapore market, providing them with the assurance that Singapore is the ideal destination for new business opportunities."

The collaboration with these esteemed organizations further reinforces EVE Tech Asia's commitment to creating a successful platform for international businesses in Singapore.

Mr. Liu, the Business Director (Former Secretary General) of China Industrial Association of Power Sources (left) with Ms. Ashley Zhu, the Marketing Manager of EVE Tech Asia 2023 (right)

Mr.Liu, the Business Director (Former Secretary General) of China Industrial Association of Power Sources was impressed by EVE Tech Asia’s industry support in Singapore. He believes that having the right industry support in Singapore will enable the Chinese exhibitors to gain confidence in new markets. 

EVE Tech Asia visited 12 Halls at the CIBF to connect with over 2,500 Exhibitors

Once again, EVE Tech Asia would like to express its heartfelt gratitude  to Mr. Liu Yian Long for exceptional hospitality and unwavering dedication in strengthening the Battery industry through CIBF.  EVE Tech Asia eagerly anticipates the opportunity to collaborate with CIBF and the Chinese exhibitors in advancing the EV, ET, and battery industry in Southeast Asia this November. Together, we aim to foster growth, innovation, and sustainable development in the region.

About EVE Tech Asia

EVE Tech Asia is a leading premier B2B show that brings together industry leaders, professionals, and innovative enterprises from across Southeast Asia and around the world to showcase the latest advancements in technology. The event features keynote speeches, technology conferences, exhibits, and networking opportunities. EVE Tech Asia is organized by ESG Tech Events in Singapore.

We are now recruiting exhibitors for EVE Tech Asia 2023 and companies interested can apply to our website []. Early exhibitors will enjoy additional exposure including speaking slots to showcase their latest technologies advancement and products to buyers. 

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