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EVE Tech Asia 2023 is taking confident strides to strengthen collaboration with the Shenzhen International Electric Vehicle Supply

On May 11-13, EVE Tech Asia visited the Shenzhen International Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Fair to explore collaboration with the Chinese association and exhibitors. EVE Tech Asia had an eventful time at the EVSE show and is excited about the prospects of future success while working closely with Chinese companies.

During the event held from May 11-13, EVE Tech Asia successfully engaged with over 30,000 visitors,more than  30 associations and 50+ domestic and foreign professional buyers groups in the exhibition. With the Southeast Asian region emphasizing the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) and green energy, EVE Tech Asia firmly believes that Chinese players entering the Singaporean SEA market will reap significant benefits.

During the discussion with exhibitors and associations,  VE Tech Asia highlights Singapore's unwavering commitment to achieving "net-zero emissions by 2050" as outlined in the country's Long-Term Low-Emissions Development Strategy (LEDS).  The Singaporean government's openness to international collaboration, particularly in renewable energy imports and the promotion of electric vehicles (EVs), makes the Singapore market highly promising for ambitious Chinese companies. EVE Tech Asia recognizes the significant opportunities available for Chinese companies to thrive in Singapore's supportive environment and contribute to the country's sustainable development goals.

To Southeast Asia and Beyond! 

From March to May, EVE Tech Asia has actively participated in various events and conferences in Southeast Asia (SEA),  East Asia and North Americas to strengthen corporate relations with industry experts, associations and institutes. These efforts have enabled EVE Tech Asia to rapidly secure endorsements, sponsorships, and connections with SEA associations and experts in the Electric Vehicle, Environmental Technology, and Battery Technology sectors. This ensures that Chinese companies participating in our show will receive the necessary industry support in the SEA region.

For visitors, EVE Tech Asia 2023 has established collaborations with numerous global media outlets from East Asia, Southeast Asia, North America and Europe. This guarantees that not only will Chinese companies be able to reach the entire SEA audience from Singapore, but also extend their reach beyond the region. We are committed to maximizing the visibility and impact of our participants, enabling them to tap into a global audience and expand their business opportunities to  not only Singapore, but also beyond!

At the EVSE, EVE Tech Asia has the opportunity to engage in-depth collaboration with the exhibitors for their interest in venturing into the Southeast Asian market. EVE Tech Asia was delighted to learn that  these exhibitors expressed keen interest in Singapore as a potential market. Recognized as a renowned financial hub in Southeast Asia, Singapore was warmly recognised by many Chinese exhibitors as a potential destination for business opportunities. For the exhibitors, they particularly appreciateSingapore's multicultural background and presence of Mandarin-speaking demographics.

Furthermore, an on-site exhibitor endorsed EVE Tech Asia 2023's initiative to introduce Chinese exhibitors to the booming Southeast Asian market. Mr. Zhang from China Southern Power Grid stated

“The market in Southeast Asia is huge and the future is very promising".

This positive feedback reaffirms EVE Tech Asia's mission to facilitate successful collaborations and tap into the vast potential of the Southeast Asian market for the benefit of Chinese exhibitors and the industry as a whole.

After three eventful days at EVSE, EVE Tech Asia 2023 would like to  extend a heartfelt thank you to the EVSE organizers and association for their enthusiastic welcome and the opportunity to showcase our initiatives to a broader audience. We are grateful for the enthusiastic reception and positive discussions that took place during the event. EVE Tech Asia 2023 is engaging in positive discussion with EVSE organizers and we eagerly anticipate achieving more success together in the future.

About EVE Tech Asia

EVE Tech Asia is a leading premier B2B show that brings together industry leaders, professionals, and innovative enterprises from across Southeast Asia and around the world to showcase the latest advancements in technology. The event features keynote speeches, technology conferences, exhibits, and networking opportunities. EVE Tech Asia is organized by ESG Tech Events in Singapore.

We are now recruiting exhibitors for EVE Tech Asia 2023 and companies interested can apply to our website []. Early exhibitors will enjoy additional exposure including speaking slots to showcase their latest technologies advancement and products to buyers. 

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