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📢EVE Tech Asia 2023: Volocopter Visit | June 13

​EVE Tech Asia 2023 was invited to Volocopter's office and facility in Singapore to learn more about urban air mobility. Both team had an exciting time and knowledge exchange on UAM

📢EVE Tech Asia 2023: Volocopter Visit | June 13

June 13 -  As the FIRST and ONLY dedicated B2B Supply Chain Electric Vehicle and Environmental Technology Show in Southeast Asia, EVE Tech Asia was invited by Volocopter GmbH to exchange innovative knowledge on urban air mobility. 🚁Did you know that Volocopter GmbH’s VoloCity features 18 rotors with an airspeed of up to 110km/h?

ESG TECH EVENTS PTE. LTD. continues to engage, support and connect with green businesses championing innovative solutions on mobility as well as renewable energy. Explore invigorating Thought Leadership tracks and emerging disruptive technologies on Land-Sea-Air mobility ecosystem over at EVE Tech Asia 2023 now!

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